Class Notes, Spring-Summer 2004


Steven H. Flynn

Steven H. Flynn, principal of Ramona School, K–6, in Hawthorne, California, was awarded the American Association of School Administrators' 2004 Paul B. Salmon Award. The $2,000 scholarship award is given each year to six outstanding graduate students who intend to pursue careers as public school superintendents. Flynn, a doctoral candidate in Pepperdine's Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy program, has worked in the Hawthorne School District for the past five years. He is recognized for his sharp skills as an administrator and his ability to handle tough challenges. A few years ago, when he was told his school would be merging with another in the area, he put together a plan to bridge the campuses into one school and structure a smooth transition that kept communication open. Teachers from each school attended professional development programs, and Flynn made it a priority to be seen on both campuses every day. His successful management of the merger impressed fellow administrators and ultimately gained him a promotion. "I felt honored to represent Pepperdine University at the AASA national conference," says Flynn. "I look forward to the opportunity to use my educational background and professional experience to work as an urban superintendent in the near future".

In Memoriam

We mourn the loss of one of our Pepperdine family members, Jamie M. Levin, graduate class of 2003. Levin and her fiancé, Wayne Price, died in a tragic plane crash in May 2003 and are sorely missed.


Christen V. Anderson (M.A.) has retired as a colonel in Army Chaplaincies after thirty years in active duty and forty years total in the military. He is currently an interim pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Anacortes, Washington.


Robert Maylum (M.S.) is retired and guest teaching in Nevada County. He is also a new great-grandfather.


Alice Bowman (M.S.) has retired from her position as center supervisor for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Dr. Luis R. Raldiris (M.A.) recently retired and is now working on a novel and writing about industrial psychology.

Jo Ann Teal (M.S.) retired from teaching last June after 40 years in the Magnolia School District. Teal also became a grandmother for the first time last December.


Jeannie M. Flint (M.S.) is living with her husband, David, in Downey, California, while working for the Los Angeles County Office of Education.


Mike Espino (M.A.) has retired from Santa Maria Bonita School District and is enjoying his time with his eight grown children and five grandchildren.


Elayne Vanasse (M.A.) is the principal at the Granada Hills Baptist School in California.


Susan K. Frixione (M.A.) completed her doctoral degree and is currently working as a manager in employee assistance with Wells Fargo.

Linda M. Tull-Paige (M.S.) has recently moved to Maryland to pursue her legal career with the Jones Day law firm.


Dr. Celeste M. Hunter (M.S.) moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, after retiring from being the coordinator of the gifted/talented program for the Los Angeles Unified School District.


Ann Duncan (Ed.D.) has been appointed to the board of directors for California Savings Bank.


Dr. Jeffery L. Butler (M.A.) founded the JBEAD Foundation in Los Angeles and is currently serving as its president and CEO.

Keith R. Regan (M.A.) and his family recently moved to Ladera Ranch in Orange County to be closer to Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California, where his sons attend school.


Dr. Diane Kline (Ed.D.) is the director of K–12 curriculum for twenty-seven schools within the Desert Sands Unified School District in California.

Carol E. Norris (M.A.) is working as a deputy probation officer for Orange County Probation and was elected as president of the California Probation, Parole, and Correctional Association. She is currently living with her family in Rowland Heights, California.


Karen L. Cladis (M.A.) is a marriage and family psychotherapist working collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team of therapists helping children with special needs and their families at a new treatment home.

Sharmila Daryanani (M.A.) is currently working as a corporate trainer for Countrywide Financial Corporation and recently received her M.B.A. from Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business and Management.

Dr. Joshua Tann (M.A.) has a private practice in Huntington Beach, California.


Mary M. Barnes (M.A.) will soon earn her black belt in sajora, an African martial art similar to karate. She is maintaining a private practice and lives in Agoura, California. Barnes, who finished writing her first novel, is now working on two more titles.


Aylene Lazar (M.A.) received her doctoral degree and is currently working in a full-time practice with Woodland Hills Psychology Group in California.


Lyn Marie Morris (M.A.) was licensed as a marriage and family therapist in 1999 and is the program director of adult services at Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center.

Monica Carrol Presby (M.A.) is married to Bryan Presby and is currently working as a teacher in the Santa Ana Unified School District.


Karin Y. Dudek (M.A.) gave birth to her first child this spring. She is living with her husband, Matt, in Superior, Colorado, and works for Trinity Foster Care.

Dr. Faye E. Mostafavi (M.A.) has received a Psy.D. degree and is currently looking for an internship position.

Steven Parsons (M.A.) is married and living in Hawaii; he recently became a father to his first child.

Thomas G. Quinlan (M.A.) is living in Tucson, Arizona, finishing his internship and plans to stay in order to attain his post-doctorate hours.


Wendy Elizabeth Anderson-Shouse (M.A.) completed her pre-licensure requirements for the state of Florida and took the marriage and family therapy exam in fall 2003. She is also working as an alpha therapist at Youth and Family Services in Florida.

Shefali Desai (M.A.) is currently working on her second master's degree, this time in marriage and family therapy, at California State University, Northridge. She is also interning at the Valley Trauma Center.

Lisa M. Kennedy (M.A.) sadly lost her father in late 2001. Following his passing, Kennedy had her first child in September 2002 and also received her marriage and family therapy license.

Jilanne Marie Klaus (M.A.) is currently living in St. Louis, Missouri, and was engaged to Dr. Richard Barnes in 2003.


Tamara Lynn Anderson (M.A.) is the director of clinical training and is an associate professor at Biola University, Rosemead School of Psychology in La Habra, California.

Thomas R. Axberg (M.A.) recently ended his sabbatical, which he spent taking care of his seven-year-old triplets. He has begun to write a book on being a father of triplets.

Dr. Danielle Cordry (M.A.) has graduated with a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology.

Lisa D. Fretz (M.A.) received her marriage and family therapy license in December 2003 and is currently working at her private practice in Brea, California, with a possibility of moving to the Fullerton area.

Julie S. Liu (M.A.) is working as a mental health specialist for the District of Columbia–Department of Mental Health and is a doctoral candidate for the school-based mental health program.

Dr. Jonathan E. Masters (Psy.D.) holds a position as treasurer for the Southwest Psychoanalytic Society and is a candidate for the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles.

Dr. Ann E. Simun (Psy.D.) returned to Los Angeles, California, after five years in North Dakota and is working as a psychologist for the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Kimberly L. Small (M.A.) is the director of a new nonpublic special education school named Sierra School of Santa Clarita, which was opened on January 26, 2004. She is currently living in West Hills, California, with her husband, Errol, and their two daughters, Raven and Sasha.

Karen Smith (M.S.) is married and working with her husband at their new real estate company.


Amy Elizabeth Barrett (M.A.) has earned her school counselor certification and is pursuing a position as a school counselor in Seattle.

Lisa A. Thompson (M.A.) is enjoying life as a stay-at-home mom with her two daughters, two-year-old Isabella Grace and eight-month-old Shae Olivia.


Kerri L. Chase (M.A.) will graduate with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and an emphasis in forensics in June 2004. Chase lives in Salinas, California, and is working in the prison setting.

Allyson N. Dickinson (M.S.) and her husband, Dan, welcomed the birth of their first child, a baby girl by the name of Abigail Rose.

Geneva S. Reynaga (M.A.) moved to a new address in Cotati, California.

Dr. Robert A. Vargas (M.A.) will graduate from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California, this summer and begin his post-doctorate internship at Children's Hospital in Oakland after moving there in fall 2004 from New York City.

Adrianna M. Vermilion (M.A.) and her husband, David, celebrated their third year of marriage in December while in the process of purchasing a new home. She also recently passed her oral examinations, acquiring her marriage and family therapy license, while working as a clinician for Pacific Clinics in California.

Josephine Woodson-Wilson (M.A.) is currently working on her Psy.D. at the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles and recently remarried.


Kelly Battistone (M.A.) holds a position with New Alternatives, Inc.—ICF as a social worker in Orange, California.

Dr. John R. Beyer (Ed.D.) took a position as principal at a high school for high-risk students within the Victor Valley Union High School District in California.

Cara Fields (M.A.) celebrates her achievement of becoming a national board-certified teacher. She is now pursuing her M.S. in the Educational Leadership program at Pepperdine and is expecting to graduate in July 2004.

Barry R. Landon (M.A.) is in his second year of teaching language arts/English and world history to seventh- and eighth-grade students at San Fernando Middle School in the San Fernando Valley.

Annie G. Reed (M.A.) married her husband, Dennis, last February and was named Woman of the Year 2004 by Assemblyman Frommer of the Forty-third District. She is also working as a director for Los Angeles Valley College.


Victoria Hope Coleman (M.A.) is now in a Ph.D. program at American University in Washington, D.C.

Heather Dill (M.A.) is teaching in her second year within the Fallbrook School District in San Diego County.

Dr. Anna Hutton (Psy.D.) is completing her post-doctoral fellowship and is planning to move to New Hampshire to open a private practice in clinical neuropsychology.

Ingrid N. Lake (M.A.) has moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband, John. She is currently working as a part-time second-grade teacher.

Nabori Rebecca Monclova (M.A.) is an outreach mental health therapist at the Children's Bureau in Santa Ana, California.


Gayle A. Bromson (M.A.) is working as a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Pamela B. Gargle (M.A.) is completing her Ph.D. in family studies and human development at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She also is working as an undergraduate advisor and a teaching assistant (with two classes) while participating in several research projects and working with Vision Quest, an organization that conducts therapeutic groups with youths on probation. Gargle also plans on moving into her new house this summer.

Gabriel Gutierrez (M.A.) has been accepted to the Ph.D. program in psychology at the University of California in Riverside and will begin working on his doctorate this coming fall.

Michelle S. Limon (M.A.) began a Psy.D. program at the California Institute of Professional Psychology in San Francisco.

Angela K. Thomas (M.A.) is working as a mental health specialist for Starview Community in Long Beach, California.

Pamela Wells (M.A.) is president of Young Women in Programming and recently started work on All of Us, a television series produced by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

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