Spotlight: Jessica Nagler

Jessica Nagler

Former GSEP adjunct faculty and alumna Jessica Nagler (M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 1992) is scheduled to publish her first book, Jun Q'anil: One Who Walks the Way, in March 2005 (Cypress House). Nagler's narrative is the true story of her journey through Central America. After leaving a comfortable life in Los Angeles—a thriving psychotherapy practice, fiancé, family, and friends—for the jungles of Guatemala, Nagler encounters a Mayan shaman who teaches her the ways of his ancient people and assists in her own spiritual quest. She describes what follows as a "profound awakening." Nagler's bookAfter one year, she returns to Los Angeles but remains in solitude for nearly three years, studying Buddhism and writing about her experience.

In her book, she shares with readers "what it might be like to leave a conventional life in search of a more meaningful existence." ABILITY Magazine calls Jun Q'anil, "An elegant exploration of the human drive to find meaning. Anyone interested in self-discovery should definitely read this book."
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