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Promising Practices for Family Involvement in School Across the Continents by Diana B. Hiatt-MichaelDiana B. Hiatt-Michael
Professor of Education
Promising Practices for Family Involvement in Schooling Across the Continents

Information Age Publishing Inc., 2005

This compilation of writings, edited by Dr. Hiatt-Michael, examines the relationship of families to the education of their children across the globe. The book begins with an overview of issues and models in parent involvement, continues with a series of chapters from each continent, and ends with an analysis of international research data on student achievement and elements of family involvement. The chapters comprise a collection of writings whose authors were selected because of their firsthand knowledge of their countries, as well as their academic scholarship in the area of family-school partnerships.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Laws Affecting Clinical Practice by Susan HallSusan Hall
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Laws Affecting Clinical Practice

American Psychological Association, 2005

In her first book, published in June 2005 by the American Psychological Association, Susan Hall, assistant professor of psychology, provides mental health practitioners with a basic understanding of how the law affects the practice of therapy. Hall, who holds both a law degree and a psychology license, and her coauthors explain the legalities of relevant issues for practitioners, including the limits of client confidentiality; licensing laws; liability; and practice laws related to families, juveniles, civil, and criminal matters.

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