Letter from the Dean, Spring 2006

Looking to the Horizon—Our Vision

Margaret Weber

“To fly a kite is to hold the hand of God,” wrote Daniel C. Hawkins. There is, indeed, a magical mystery in nature—how the winds move, how the clouds change. As we look ahead to the future, we are constantly faced with uncharted territory. While our path will change, requiring us to prepare and adapt, we will also remain dedicated to our heritage and traditions.

As the Graduate School of Education and Psychology continues to change and grow, we took this year to reexamine and contemplate our vision for this institution. Below you will find excerpts from our vision statement.

Academic Excellence
The Graduate School is transforming the lives of students through academic preparation in underlying theory and practical, real-world application. Our faculty of scholar-practitioners lead rich intellectual discussions that allow our students to share their experience in a safe and respectful environment. We expect our students to be prepared to lead or serve in a global community.

Faith Heritage
This School was founded on Christian principles and will continue that course. The beauty of such a firm foundation is that we always have a touchstone when difficulties or successes arise. In this ecumenical pursuit we will work to promote a spirit of friendship.

We embrace human diversity as the natural expression of God’s creation. We value the richness that results from a collection of contrasting and parallel thoughts, perspectives, and experiences. We will recruit, retain, and advance students, staff, and faculty who are reflective of the diverse communities we serve. In this way, our understanding of those differing communities is deepened.

Student Experience
We want to offer our students and alumni a sense of community. It is possible to prepare students for professional success, while also being available to comfort and encourage them throughout their academic pursuits. We are here to educate the heart as well as the mind, and we do so by employing faculty who are experts in their selected fields and have a passion for connecting with students on a personal level.

Community Partners
Students acquire critical hands-on experience by serving in clinics, classrooms, and organizations. Our students and community partners invest a great deal in us, and it is our joyful duty to invest our energy and resources in making this place a meaningful part of their journeys.

Margaret J. Weber, Ph.D.

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