Dr. Miguel Gallardo

Tapped to Lead California Psychological Association

Dr. Miguel Gallardo

Dr. Miguel Gallardo, assistant professor of psychology at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, has been named the president-elect of the California Psychological Association (CPA). His duties as president began in January 2008. As the second-largest psychological association in the nation (only the American Psychological Association has more members), CPA supports California psychologists in their efforts to promote health and well-being.

As president, Gallardo says he plans to continue CPA’s influence through its legislative and advocacy teams. He is personally involved in advocating for California Senate Bill 993, which would authorize prescriptive authority for appropriately trained psychologists, and recently traveled to Sacramento to testify before the Senate on behalf of the bill. “It is an honor to protect and enhance the practice of psychology in California,” says Gallardo. In addition, Gallardo is “continually interested in furthering the progress of the Latino community.” That passion is a driving force behind his initiative to boost the multicultural psychology perspectives of CPA and enhance the association’s response to the diverse populations in California and the psychologists who share those cultural backgrounds.

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