GSEP Receives $50,000 Grant from Microsoft

GSEP Receives $50,000 Grant from Microsoft for Exploration of Future Learning Environments

GSEP has received a $50,000 grant from Microsoft Research for conducting classroom research with undergraduates from Seaver College of Pepperdine University. The funding helps Dr. Eric Hamilton, associate dean of education at GSEP; Dr. Brian Fisher, assistant professor of mathematics at Seaver; and their colleagues at the United States Air Force Academy carry out research on the effectiveness of tablet computer interfaces with collaboration software in mathematics classes.

Early work supported by the first part of this grant at the Air Force Academy demonstrated that college students remain more engaged in mathematics classrooms that blend tablet computing with networking software to permit a professor to see all of his or her student’s work. Hamilton’s paper summarizing this research, “Combining Collaborative Workspaces with Tablet Computing: Research in Learner Engagement and Conditions of Flow,” was selected as the winner of the Frontiers in Education Conference 2007 Benjamin J. Dasher Best Paper Award. Further research is now underway in the Seaver Division of Natural Sciences, in a course that Hamilton and Fisher coteach with tablet computers that the University purchased for this effort.

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