Letter From The Dean, Spring-Summer 2009

Dean Margaret Weber

Though the nation may be in the midst of a recession, the Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) is determined to support our students and alumni with the same level of commitment and resources as we have throughout our history of educating. Budget constraints have only inspired more creative and efficient use of capital, resulting in streamlined processes, a focus on critical instruction, and a vigor to do “more with less.”

To demonstrate our concern for those in our University community affected by the economic downturn, GSEP established the Waves Education Development Growth and Excellence (EDGE) scholarship program, open to all Pepperdine alumni interested in pursuing one of the six master’s or five doctoral degrees offered at GSEP starting in Summer or Fall 2009. Our goal is to ensure that those who want to retool after recent job losses or enhance their skills with an advanced degree are not denied that opportunity due to any financial restrictions. This is our way of acknowledging the significant challenges facing communities both locally and globally, and lending a hand to our extended Pepperdine family.

A graduate degree is an asset now more than ever. In fact, GSEP was recently recognized in the national news for discussing how a graduate degree can provide security during times of economic turmoil. Our comments in the front-page article in the “Jobs” section of the Los Angeles Times asserted that graduate school is as much about building relationships as building knowledge.

With this in mind, I encourage you to stay in contact or reconnect with your former classmates, as an expanded network can offer new opportunities for job prospects and learning experiences that may help you continue to advance your career in spite of financial uncertainty. I also invite you to touch base with our exceptional career services team, always at the ready to help you achieve your professional goals.

We are confident that by staying true to our mission we will be able to persevere through this difficult time, and ultimately become even more effective and compassionate leaders of society.

Margaret J. Weber, Ph.D.

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