The Urban Initiative Leadership and Partners Meet to Discuss Goals for the Year Ahead

Hope Gardens staff

Dr. Brinkley-Kennedy and the staff of Hope Gardens, a partner of the Urban Initiative.

On January 27 the GSEP Urban Initiative leadership and partners gathered to discuss how to expand their collaborations in the year ahead. The breakfast meeting, hosted by GSEP at the West Los Angeles Graduate Campus, included a presentation by Dr. Rhonda Brinkley-Kennedy, director of the Urban Initiative, followed by an open forum in which partners described what support their agencies required that the Urban Initiative could provide.

Dr. Brinkley-Kennedy

“This is the first time that our new partners had the opportunity to meet our longtime partners, and learn from them what we can offer,” stated Brinkley-Kennedy. “Our purpose for this roundtable was to strengthen relationships, contribute to the great work that each of these agencies is undertaking, and ultimately give GSEP’s students a rich, hands-on learning experience.”

The Urban Initiative is an umbrella program developed to prepare students for long-term work in underserved urban communities. Its goals are to develop a new generation of education and mental health professionals with the skills and will to work in culturally and ethnically diverse urban settings, and to impact future legislation affecting education and mental health services.

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