Boone Center for the Family Hosts Relationship Week and SavvyChic Fundraiser

Relationship Week

The GSEP Boone Center for the Family Relationship IQ Project hosted Relationship Week, October 5 – 9, at Seaver College. As a part of the new Pepperdine Dating Ini tiative, Relationship Week included presentations on forming healthy dating relationships, healthy sexuality, God’s relational creation, and celebrating gender differences. The programs focused on the students’ development of a positive self-image, understanding of each other, and ability to be a supportive partner to their significant other.

Next, we are looking forward to celebrating the sixth annual SavvyChic fashion show fundraiser, on November 12 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This year we will be honoring mothers with the theme “Mothers and Others: Celebrating Women Who Shape Our Lives.” Developed by the Friends of the Family League, the event promotes elements that enrich a woman’s life: family-centered values, healthy habits that enhance the beauty within, and a strong sense of self that can be confidently projected through style and fashion.

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