Pat Lucas Honored with Creation of Center for Teacher Preparation

To honor Mrs. Pat Lucas’ memory and with the generous support of her husband, Dr. Bill Lucas, GSEP is proud to establish the Pat Lucas Center for Teacher Preparation. Through an eventual $1 million endowment, provided through a combination of outright gifts and Bill’s estate commitment, the proposed center will receive annual funding to unify and enrich the resources for the development of future educators through a variety of programs that bear Pat’s unique signature. “To meet Pat was to immediately like her,” said Dr. Lucas. “Her constant smile, friendliness, and firmness brought success to her students—always referred to as her kids.”

The center will be open to Pepperdine students and alumni, and support stipends for student teachers who are unable to work while pursuing their credential due to the full-time training schedule; stipends for field supervisors who oversee and evaluate the student teachers; professional development resources for students and their master teachers such as workshops on current topics in teaching and potential certificate and credit programs; teaching artifacts and classroom tools to enhance the student teacher experience; regular renewal of technology hardware and software, including resources for second-language learners, arts and media supplies, and special education needs; periodicals, teaching guides, lesson plan materials, and multimedia for classroom use; and resources for the Teacher Portfolio required of each student as they prepare to file their materials for state credentialing.

GSEP dedicated the center on October 22 at the West Los Angeles Graduate Campus. Dr. Lucas unveild a portrait painted of Pat specifically for the occasion; and Dr. Hasty Arnold (’61, EdD ’85), alumnus of both George Pepperdine College and GSEP, former principal of Santa Monica Elementary School, and founder of Arnold Educational Consulting, shared his memories of working with Pat. In the evening, GSEP held its annual Celebration of Excellence at the nearby Ayres Hotel in Manhattan Beach. Prior to the dinner was a reception at which Dr. J. L. Fortson, director of student teaching, introduced the center and spoke about Pat’s love of education and the students she served. The center will represent a distinctive initiative for teacher education and will be a fitting tribute to a dedicated leader and dear friend of GSEP.

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