Research Promotes Development

Dr. Nancy Harding

The Future Learning Environments (FLE) Initiative has taken several recent turns. The Education Division’s curriculum continues to undergo research-based improvements to nurture personalized learning communities in each of its programs. Several important publications by GSEP faculty are in press or have been published over the past year to advance this vision.

GSEP was one of a small group of organizations invited by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to submit a proposal to organize a virtual organization to carry out international research and development on personalized learning communities. GSEP’s proposal is now pending at NSF; it includes more than 60 researchers and developers from six continents.

Dr. Eric Hamilton

The Emerald Publishing Company in England awarded a group in Uganda a small grant to carry out FL E research with GSEP researchers. The United States Department of Education made an additional award of $114,000 to GSEP to continue work on the futuristic “Agent and Library Augmented Shared Knowledge Area” (ALA SKA) program that associate professor Dr. Nancy Harding and associate dean Dr. Eric Hamilton are carrying out with Granada Hills Charter High School. Finally, the Air Force Academy has awarded $146,000 to GSEP to continue FL E research that Hamilton started when he was a professor there.

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