Alumni and Faculty Authors

Alumni Author

Leslie Landis book

Leslie Landis (Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, ’94)

The Art of Overeating: A Bellyful of Laughs About Our Food-Phobic Culture

Landis finds the funny bone in our calorie-obsessed culture and one of our most universal self-indulgences in her new book. Dubbed “the anti-diet Bible” by Landis and summarized as a “collection of trivia, facts, musings, and art on the state of our relationship to food” by the Los Angeles Times, the book conveys Landis’ cheeky message to “have your cake and read it too.” Landis signed copies of her book at the Pepperdine booth at the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 24. (Sterling, 2009)

Faculty Authors

Linda Jungwirth book

Dr. Linda Jungwirth, Adjunct Professor of Education

Culturally Proficient Learning Communities: Confronting Inequities through Collaborative Curiosity

This book discusses the impact of our history on cultural understanding and provides practical strategies for building professional learning communities. Such strategies include instructional design, curriculum development, coaching, and shared decision-making. This guide is useful to school leaders, district administration, and staff developers looking for a collaborative approach to address bias and inequity in schools. Jungwirth signed copies of her book at the Pepperdine booth at the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 25. (Corwin, 2009)

Doug Leigh book

Dr. Doug Leigh, Associate Professor of Education

Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions (Volume 2)

Sponsored by the International Society for Performance Improvement, this is Volume 2 of a three-part series that discusses instructional design and training, selecting and implementing performance interventions, and measurement and evaluation. More than 30 interventions are addressed based on best practices research, comparative analysis, and case studies. A Web site corresponding to the book can be found at, and houses nearly 20 podcasts and other resources to effectively guide viewers to success in the workplace and beyond. (Pfeiffer, 2009)

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