Staying Connected Beyond the Classroom

Connected Beyond the ClassromOne of the most rewarding aspects of receiving a Pepperdine education is the network of connections you make with your classmates. These personal relationships last long after graduation, and alumni continue to support each other as professionals. Fostering these relationships can maximize the value of your academic experience, and now there are so many ways to stay in touch.

It is easy to network with classmates, faculty, and 80,000 other alumni through the Pepperdine Alumni Network, PAN Online. To update your contact information, simply visit:

GSEP has also expanded its Web presence to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, three of the most popular social networking sites redefining communication today. The official GSEP pages provide engaging and participatory platforms for students, alumni, faculty, staff, and others affiliated with GSEP to connect, network, and keep abreast of program developments. Information on resources such as Career Services, upcoming events, and recent news found on the GSEP Web site is also available on each of these pages.

Join your colleagues online by:

  • Becoming a “fan” of the GSEP page on Facebook.
    Once there, you can become a fan of one of GSEP’s five favorite pages:

    • Master of Arts in Education (MA and MAETC programs)
    • Organizational Leadership (Organizational Leadership and Organization Change programs)
    • Educational Leadership (ELA and ELAP programs)
    • Learning Technologies (MA and EdD programs, formerly known as OMET and EDTECH)
    • Psychology Division (MA, MFT, and PsyD programs)
  • Finding us on LinkedIn. Once there, you can join one of GSEP’s two groups:
      • Education Division
      • Psychology Division

    To find us on LinkedIn, visit:

  • Following us on Twitter.

To find us on Facebook, visit:

Finally, you can expand your social circle by participating in events or volunteer efforts with your local alumni chapter. Chapters are located across the United States and in several international locations, and hold virtual meetings in addition to in-person events:

Arizona: Phoenix

California: Bay Area, Coachella Valley,

Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento,

San Diego, Ventura County

Colorado: Colorado

Florida: Miami

Georgia: Atlanta

Hawaii: Hawaii

Illinois: Chicago

Louisiana: New Orleans

Massachusetts: New England

Missouri: St. Louis

Nevada: Las Vegas

New Mexico: New Mexico

New York: New York

North Carolina: Carolina

Ohio: Cincinnati, Columbus

Oregon: Portland

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

Tennessee: Nashville

Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston

Utah: Utah

Washington State: Seattle

Washington, D.C.: Washington, D.C.

International: Australia, Germany, Japan,

Republic of Korea, United Kingdom, China

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