Letter from the Dean, Spring-Summer 2011

The Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) has developed an international reputation for its academic excellence and emphasis on service. Such high esteem can only be garnered through the collaborative efforts of our faculty, staff, alumni, and students, all of whom have contributed to the success of the school by utilizing their many talents and skills.

The articles in this issue of Colleague exemplify this point. Our cover story on the GSEP Encino Counseling Clinic student therapists assisting young girls rescued from prostitution by nonprofit Children of the Night epitomizes our mission. Our profile of alumna Elizabeth Hartmann, who participated in scientific expeditions to better integrate practical applications into her students’ curriculum at Animo South Los Angeles Charter High School, reflects the GSEP principles of a scholar-practitioner learning model. And the piece on mentorship, highlighting alumni from both the Education and Psychology Divisions, is an illustration of our effort to pay it forward, so that the education we offer is used for a greater good.

However, purpose, service, and leadership are often not attainable goals without a little laughter along the way. Dr. Steven Sultanoff describes how “comic vision” can empower us to manage stress and develop resilience in our recurring self-care column. And Dr. Brian Betz informs us how “brain fitness” can keep our minds sharp so we can apply and share our knowledge for as long as possible.

As you read each story, I encourage you to think about how you are using your schooling to support your own ideals. How has your experience at GSEP allowed you to fulfill your personal mission? Do you use humor or mental exercises to stay astute? Let us know at gsepedit@pepperdine.edu.

Margaret J. Weber, PhD

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