Letter From the Dean Spring-Summer 2012

Dean Weber

While we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Pepperdine University, we recognize that for over 40 years, the Graduate School of Education and Psychology has been preparing students for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

Our programs have produced industry leaders in education and psychology. From principals and superintendents to best-selling authors and nationally celebrated therapists, our alumni have raised the bar in their respective fields.

For example, alumnus of the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy, Dr. James Sulton III (EdD ’08) founded AvEd, an organization of young aviation and aerospace professionals committed to inspiring the next generation to pursue their career goals through mentorship, educational programs, and experiential learning. He leads the charge in exposing young minority students to the field of aviation.

Our Doctor of Education in Educational Technology alumni Dr. Chris Freeman (EdD ’03) and Dr. Eric Adams (EdD ’03) travel around the world supporting technological advancements in education for developing nations. Their work in Zambia and Honduras through the organization Lifesong is highlighted in this issue.

Here at GSEP, we encourage our alumni to employ their degrees in a way that improves our local and international communities. We hope that they will share the knowledge they acquire and the talents they gain with those who may benefit from their experience. As our alumni apply this philosophy to their professional lives, we hope that it will inspire a culture of selflessness.

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