The Top 10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned at CadreCamp

Robert Martellacci

Robert Martellacci

The yearbook message from my 12th grade English teacher read: “The only sign of life is growth.” This message was at the forefront of my mind when I decide to apply to the
Master of Arts in Learning Technologies (MALT) program at GSEP.

As I reflect back on this learning adventure, I am inspired by fellow alumni, professors, and new GSEP students. I feel extremely privileged to have expanded my community of practice (COP) well beyond my expectations, and I’ve added some amazingly successful, dedicated, and smart people to my circle of friends and colleagues as a result of the MALT program.

CadreCamp© is a five-day leadership workshop held at the Drescher Graduate Campus in Malibu for students in the MALT program. My CadreCamp© experience gave me a deeper appreciation for the educational technology profession and the critical role practitioners play in nurturing and leading the digital learning revolution.

It became crystal clear to me during the learning adventure that my work is about the people, not the technology. These are my top 10 life lessons from CadreCamp©.

1. Take time out to augment your expertise. Get away from day-to-day activities each year to engage in your own professional learning, connect with colleagues, and envision your future. Use this time to reflect and recharge.

2. It’s about the people, not the technology. The cross-cadre collaboration amongst alumni allows for meaningful conversations and connections. In the classroom, technology can enhance learning after solid student connections are in place.

3. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. I was honored to be surrounded by many bright and passionate alumni and students from a wide range of careers in education from K-20 to military college. It was inspirational to observe how fellow alumni have achieved success and how they’ve used their Pepperdine experience in the world.

4. Broaden your personal learning network (PLN) beyond your comfort level. Connections often come from unexpected people and places. Part of the richness of professional development and learning is expanding your network beyond what you thought possible. This will likely involve stepping outside your comfort zone.

5. Develop listening skills. CadreCamp© has taken my professional development to a new level. I experienced deeper learning by listening to fellow cadre members share their transformation.

6. Lead by example. We were challenged to change the world upon graduation from GSEP. CadreCamp© reinforced the important role we play in education as technology leaders. I’ve come back to Canada more passionate and appreciative of the opportunity to learn and grow thanks to my fellow alumni and former professors.

7. Keep the learning curve steep. As a lifelong learner, this is my personal tagline. I encourage you to create your own personal learning philosophy to inspire yourself and others.

8. Innovate. With the digital revolution upon us, we have the opportunity to drive the transformation and challenge old conventions. I’ve returned to Canada with incredible ideas that emerged from my collaboration with fellow cadre members that will help me both personally and professionally.

9. Problem-solve. Applying the Action Research oriented approach from the MALT program to my business has infused a culture of continuous improvement. Remember that our work is a process, not just a destination.

10. Connect to success . This is my company tagline. I thrive on nurturing the growth and success of our education and industry partners through MindShare Learning. We always look for a win-win.Robert Martellacci

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