Letter from the Dean

Dean Weber

At the Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP), we have the unique opportunity to interact with students and professionals from two distinct academic fields. In this issue of Colleague, we’ve explored some of the instances where collaboration between the disciplines has led to deeper insight for both.

Professor of psychology Louis Cozolino, PhD, debuted his book Social Neuroscience of Education: Optimizing Attachment and Learning in the Classroom which discusses how human relationships affect not only students’ ability to learn, but also how educators teach. We spoke with Cozolino and his lead researcher, Megan Marcus (MA ’08), specifically about how stress impacts learning, teacher burnout, and emotional competencies that enhance educational outcomes.

As California considers a recommendation to make mental health awareness a requirement for teacher credentialing programs, we spoke to psychology faculty member Donald Grant and professor of education Reyna Garcia-Ramos about our Urban Fellows program, which has provided this type of training for the past five years. Designed to broaden students’ understanding of the interplay of economic, educational, familial, and cultural issues on the capacity to provide quality service, the Urban Fellows training unites a select group of education and psychology students for collaborative learning. As the students gain insight by sharing differing perspectives, we discover ways to enhance learning outcomes that might be applied more broadly in the future.

Finding correlations between the education and psychology fields could enhance our faculty research and deepen students’ understanding of the work they do. We look forward to seeing the ways in which the GSEP community continues to take advantage of these cross-disciplinary connections.

Margaret J. Weber, PhD


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