Ten GSEP Psychology Students Receive Competitive Stipend from the California Department of Mental Health

The California Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Los Angeles County DMH have initiated a Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Educational Stipend Program to address a shortage of mental-health professionals in underserved communities. This year, 10 GSEP students were selected to receive an $18,500 stipend in exchange for working 12 months at a DMH-approved site.

There were 183 applications submitted for the state stipend. Of the 24 GSEP students who applied, the following three were selected: Ji-Hyun (Jane) Kim, Jessica Muñoz, and Natalia Ewalt. Each is bilingual speaking Korean, Spanish, and Russian, respectively.

Of the 19 GSEP students who applied for the Los Angeles County stipend, seven were awarded the funds. A total of 52 applications were submitted. Five of the students—Feygel Barajas, Reyna Guerrero, Jessica Muñoz, Mercedes Palacios, and Sofia Alejandra Suazo—are bilingual in Spanish. Recipient Tina Dhamija speaks Hindi and Punjabi. Hansa Prasad was the seventh recipient.

Jessica Muñoz was awarded both the state and county stipends, but may only accept one award.

To learn more about the stipend program, visit bit.ly/MFTstipend.

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