2014 Honorary Degree Recipient: Education Division

Civil rights lawyer and advocate Constance L. Rice was named one of top 10 most influential attorneys in California by the California Business Journal and is well-known for her use of litigation to initiate change in systems entrenched by inequality and injustice. Throughout her career, Rice has advocated for and won more than $30 billion in damages, bonds, and policy changes for clients that include bus riders, death-row inmates, victims of police abuse, school children, police officers, whistleblowers, and those who suffer from every sort of discrimination, such as sex, race, disability, and age. In addition to her role as an attorney, Rice is the cofounder of the Advancement Project, a next-generation, multiracial civil rights organization that fosters upward mobility in communities impacted by economic and racial injustice.

Rice received her bachelor of arts from Harvard-Radcliffe colleges in 1978. She received her law degree from New York University School of Law in 1984. She has served as a special guest lecturer in the classroom of Pepperdine School of Public Policy adjunct faculty Joel Fox.

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