Stop Resisting and Start Receiving

In my new book, Answered Prayers: Using Scientific Prayer Treatment to Attain Your Highest Good, I share specific steps to receive what you pray for and proof that it works. Back when I was studying for my doctorate in education at Pepperdine, I examined resistance to one’s goal. Over the years I noticed that even though people said they wanted something, they had a resistance to receiving the answer to their prayers. They needed to stop resisting their goal and learn to receive unconditionally. So I identified seven steps to take action and receive unconditionally.

The first step is: Identify what you would like to receive. With this step, you begin to put positive energy towards that outcome. One of the actions you can take is to declare out loud or in writing that you are ready to receive what you have clearly identified.

In my book, this declaration process is discussed in detail as a step of Scientific Prayer Treatment. Declaration is sometimes referred to by the phrases “speaking your word” or “name it and claim it.” When you declare what you want, you are calling forth the manifestation of your goal.

I have been using this process of identifying what you would like to receive since childhood. For instance, I recall that while I was completing my high school program in Lucky Hill, St. Mary, Jamaica, West Indies, I prayed for a college scholarship.

It seemed far-fetched at the time because one of my older brothers was in college and our parents couldn’t afford to have two of us in college at the same time. Per the instructions of the headmaster and his wife, when we had a goal, we were only to engage in or listen to conversations about the likelihood of the goal happening.

I formulated my goal—I wanted a full scholarship to attend college, not in Jamaica, but in America. I wanted to attend a school that was in alignment with my core values. I wanted my parents to feel confident about my social and academic success abroad. I was deeply excited about manifesting this goal and maintained a belief that my dreams would come true.

Several months later, a classmate and I were called into the headmaster’s office where he joyfully announced that we had received an answered prayer. He said, “You are both granted full scholarships to attend Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, in the United States of America!”

Because I believed in the prayer process, I was not surprised, but was definitely overjoyed. Earlham is a Quaker school and I would be attending with someone my parents trusted. The scholarship included room and board and an opportunity to earn some spending money.

I believe that I received my scholarship because I identified what I wanted to receive and declared it to be mine with 100 percent confidence that my prayer would be answered.

Joyce Hutchinson Craft, EdD, grew up with the motto, “With God all things are possible,” which is the keystone to her life and her work. She blends education, life experience, and the Science of Mind to teach others how to attain their highest good through Scientific Prayer Treatment. Her work as an author and certified spiritual practitioner includes teaching and lecturing. Craft earned her bachelor’s degree from Earlham College, her teaching credential and master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, and her doctor of education in educational leadership, administration, and policy from GSEP.

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