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Alumni and Faculty Authors

Faculty Authors: Carol A. Falender, PhD, and Edward P.Shafranske, PhD

Also edited by Celia J. Falicov, PhD, this practical guide presents a model for developing multicultural competence within supervision. In-depth supervisory vignettes apply the model to a variety of cultural dimensions, including gender, ethnicity/ race, immigration, socioeconomic status, disabilities, religion, and sexual orientation. APA president Nadine Kaslow said it would …

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Faculty Authors: Drew Erhardt, PhD

The skyrocketing rates of ADHD diagnosis highlight the importance of mental-health professionals being able to accurately identify ADHD and to differentiate it from other conditions that can mimic its symptoms. Coauthored with Elizabeth P. Sparrow, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the nature and diagnosis of ADHD, giving readers the …

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Faculty Authors: Susan Hall, JD, PhD

The book features insight from nationally-recognized scholars and clinicians with expertise in treating men. Hall, associate professor of psychology, contributed a chapter together with Robert Scholz, assistant director and coordinator of alcohol and drug programs of the Pepperdine University Counseling Center in Malibu. The chapter discusses the ways in which …

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