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Alumni and Friends

Friendly Intervention

The adolescent years can be difficult time for many when it comes to developing and maintaining friendships. For a person with autism, developing the social and coping skills necessary to develop meaningful friendships has an added layer of difficulty. Alumna Elizabeth Laugeson (MA ’00, PsyD ’04) has made it her …

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Man’s Best Counselor

Dogs are an incredible resource for mental health; they’re widely available, effective, and efficient. The first known use of dogs for therapeutic purposes was in 1919, when the U.S. secretary of the interior Franklin Lane, suggested that canines be incorporated into the psychiatric treatment at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Washington, …

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Learning Technologies Professor Leads Workshops in Finland and Africa

In June 2014, Eric Hamilton, PhD, co-organized and cochaired the United States’ participation in the “Toward a Science of Learner Engagement” conference with Finnish learning scientists, educational technologists, and early career researchers in Helsinki, Finland. The project was funded by the National Science Foundation. Hamilton also organized media-making workshops for …

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